I LOVE cream cheese icing, it\’s my favourite kind. I don\’t know about you, but for me, cake is just the holder..the icing is the best bit!

Had a craving for cream cheese icing a few weeks ago, and thought I would make manpet his favourite..carrot cake. Never made it before, so put a call out on twitter for an idiot proof recipe. The lovely Lisa from Spicy Icecream came to the rescue with her favourite carrot cake recipe. Check out her recipe, very noice!


Much to my disgust, manpet doesn\’t like real carrot cake with proper icing..pfft what does he know. We loved it!

The urge came again this week for more cream cheese icing. So thought I would give banana cake a go this time. Found this recipe on Taste, that site is awesome for the domestically challenged like me. Surprisingly, he didn\’t like this one either. Same that..more for me!


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