\’ello, My name is Leigh. AbsoluteLeigh. This is my blog. Also check out my other sites Blog Chicks and All for Women.

Mum, blogger, community manager, crazy cat and dog lady, geek..and maybe a little unhinged.

I share my life with Jake, best friend of 19. Hayden who is 15, Emily 14 and Katelyn who is 11. We live out in Boganville, Western Sydney.

I\’ve been a community manager for over 12yrs. I\’ve been involved in building and managing many large online communities in forums, chat rooms and facebook pages, including my own, All for Women andBlog Chicks . I have managed communities for large corporate brands such as AT&T and Telstra, to name a few.

Been blogging here since 2004, in that time it has had 3 different domain names.

I blog about…stuff.

I have no real hobbies, that last longer than 5mins. Online is my hobby, my day job, my part time job..and where my friends live 😛 It brings me money and joy…what\’s not to love!


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