I\’ve wanted a tablet ever since the first iPad was released. As much as I am an Apple girl, I really have fallen out of love with their mobile products. While the iPads looked great, they seemed to be lacking some features that I thought were pretty important..like USB…why on earth would it NOT have usb? And since ditching my iPhone for android about 12mths ago,  Android is my new bitch.

Finally a few weeks ago I found a tab that ticked all the boxes for me.

Part of me was worried that maybe my overwhelming need for new toys was the only reason I just HAD to have one, and that after a few days I wouldn\’t really use it. But I find I am using it more than my laptop most days.

My main puter at home is my laptop, so all my work is done from it…usually while laying on the lounge or in bed 😛 I also use my phone a lot as well for email, twitter, facebook checking etc. But it\’s handy to have something in between. I can answer some emails, do some basic site/server maintenance without opening up my laptop and being sucked into a 2hr black hole. Can do a quick 5min check here and there without waiting a few minutes for my laptop to unsleep (sure it\’s a word)

Meet my new baby, an Acer Iconia android tablet.


Love everything about it so far..well just about everything.

Not being an iPad, getting covers and such can be a bit difficult. The only case available is a genuine Acer cover, does the job I guess. But one major draw back is, it smell like hospital. And for someone who has a bit of an issue with smell, I do need to remove the cover before snuggling up in bed with it.

So, other than that…it is awesome!

Even the kids agree, well, from what they can tell in the 5mins I have left them actually touch it.


But this is the best use I have found. It fits perfectly on the ledge on the treadmill, a session of Angry Birds soon turns into 40mins clocked up on the treadmill without even noticing!


And just for fun…check out my super cute cupcake Android…it even smells like vanilla!


Disclaimer: I bought this tab all by myself, I wasn\’t paid for this post..crazy I know!

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