OK, so they may not have been killer bees. Thankfully no one got stung to find out. Maybe I\’ve read too much Hunger Games and all I could think of was Tracker Jackers.

Friday afternoon, I was getting ready to go and pick Katelyn up from singing. Got to the front door and I couldn\’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.  Here is a  video to give you a bit of an idea.

WTF?! Where the hell had all these bees come from? We hadn\’t seen any around, we don\’t have any flowery type trees and we hadn\’t seen a hive.

For 10mins we watched amazed and amused at these damn bees. Well it was amusing until I realised I had to somehow get to the car and go and get Katelyn and it didn\’t look like these bees were moving on. I couldn\’t very well ring up and say sorry, we are being held hostage by bees and cannot come and pick up my daughter. I am sure they hear that one ALL the time.

How I ended up being the chosen one, I am not quite sure. Now I come to think of it, the Manpet didn\’t offer to go himself. All he did was video my mad dash to the car, laughing.

So I put on some closed in shoes, a hoodie zipped up with the hood pulled tight with just my eyes sticking out, sleeves pulled over my hands and RAN! I have never been stung by a bee before and wasn\’t about to have this be my first experience.


I made it to the car and even though the windows were down slightly, thankfully none had gotten into the car.

From the car I could see that they were strangely starting to congregate on the wall.

Managed to get Katelyn and get home. Getting her out of the car and into the house was a challenge in itself.

Goggled bee catchers. After a couple of dodgey ones, we found a nice sounding guy nearby that said he would be there in 30mins.  He asked some questions about how many etc. Manpet offered to send him some pics, but he said his phone couldn\’t do pictures..ummm. How old is this guy?


By the time the bee dude arrived, the bees looked like they were settling in for the night and setting up camp behind a bin.

Bee dude must have been 60 at least, but he was such a bad arse. Does his bee suit up, walks up to the bees with a box and starts scraping them off the wall into his box! Then he gets a brush and is brushing them off the wall into his box. With us all hiding behind the cars. Bees crawling all over him and he is just grabbing them with his hands and putting them in the box.


And that was it, he wrapped the box in a sheet.  After a bit of a chat, he put the bees in his boots and he was off. With bees…just in a box in his boot. And us standing there looking at each other thinking WTF just happened?!

The next night there was a knock at the door and it was bee dude! He had brought us 2kg of fresh honey from his hives.

So everything turned out better than expected. With honey!


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