{Reposting this from waaay back in the achieves from 2008}

This has had my blood boiling every year at this time. Makes me feel all stabby! I just farkin hate it…does my head in. Those that know me, I can hear you bloody groaning..you know where I am going with this..well just shut up smarty pants!

I would like to put forward a petition to Mr Rudd Ms Gillard, to ban this item from sale and or display in Australia at Christmas. It is highly offensive and just down right un Australian! Maybe we could also get Senator Conroy to add it into his wonderful new filter.

What is it you ask? What is this awful thing that is so offensive and 100 kinds of wrong?

Snow….at Christmas…in Australia!

Snowmen, decorations covered in snow or of bloody snow flakes, spray on snow in a can ( sucko tho, cause that shit doesn\’t come off..serves you right for using it!) cotton wool on your Christmas tree to make it look like snow (yes mum..I am looking at YOU!) white Christmas trees…Christmas cards with snowy scenes on them. I could go on, but the eye twitch is getting worse.


They should all be banned..the lot of them!

Then there are those people who like to say, but it isn\’t Christmas without a bit of snow or those of you outside Australia that say , oh you must be sad you don\’t get snow and Christmas…no we bloody well aren\’t!!! You don\’t want to know what I propose for you. If you are an immigrant from the northern hemisphere you can be slightly forgiven..only just!

It doesn\’t snow here at Christmas people! (ok, so I have seen pics of it snowing in some freaky woop woop mountains in Victoria at Christmas..but they don\’t count!)  About the only flakey stuff thats going to be falling from the sky is ash and burnt leaves. We enjoy Christmas quite fine with out it…don\’t we?!

So come on, embrace your Australianism..snow..just say no!

P.S Did you know it\’s only 33 days until Christmas… *faint*

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