Ahh the end of Birthday season for us, my wallet lets out a sigh of relief. Jake and the kids have their birthdays within the space of 2mths, feels like we are constantly singing and eating cake (not a bad thing).

For your birthday, you get your presents and you get to pick somewhere to go…movies and dinner or bowling etc. With Emily\’s Birthday last week, it was her turn to pick. At first she wanted to see Pirates of the Caribbean. That was fine, I wouldn\’t mind seeing that, till I realised the damn thing goes for nearly 2 1/1hrs!! No way I am sitting there for that long, so managed to gently persuade her into bowling and laser skirmish…and waffles!

Working fulltime, don\’t get a chance for random noms anymore, so it has been 6mths or more since visiting Jas My Waffles. Forgot how a.mazing they are!

\"\" \"\" \"\"

Shame we have run out of birthdays now, will have to come up with another excuse to visit soon!

Jas My Waffles

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