When we moved in, the front gardens were full of a bit of weed and that was about. So many things on the to do list, it\’s hard to know where to start.

We finally got around to doing the front garden 2 weeks ago..and woo! nothing has died…….yet!

It was a nightmare just trying to decide what plants to plant. I couldn\’t do a garden of a mix of different things, I have a thing about stuff matching.

Didn\’t want to spend a fortune either, which after some shopping around seemed near impossible…damn plants are expensive!

I found myself taking a look on eBay…OMG you should see the plants there! 1000\’s of them, who\’d a thought. We ended up choosing some Purple Dazzler Cordylines, I got 20 of them for $115 all up including postage. That works out around $8 a plant, we had seem them as much as $19 in the nurseries! I also picked up some nandina..only for the manpet, cause I hate them. They were 20 for $30, another bargain compared to the nurseries. The plants faired really well with the postage, as long as you get a good seller who packages them properly.

Add with our soil, and the most expensive rocks there were. I tried to talk myself into the cheap ones, but there were just too ugly and brown, added with the brown house and roof, house would have looked a bit \”emo\” *hehe*

It looks a little bare at the moment, but once the $140 stick in a pot (weeping maple) grows some leaves, and we plant something in the bottom of it\’s pot I think it will look really good.

All up, it came to just under $500. I think that was pretty darn cheap.

I am still of the look out for the perfect weeping Cherry Blossom, just love them, have always wanted one but the right colour and size is hard to come by and the price is heart attack inducing.




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