Those with cats will know the drama that surrounds Christmas and cats. Eating the tree, eating the tinsel…then little puddles of glitter vomit. And that\’s if you can even get the damn thing to stay up, or the decorations to stay on.

Sick of all of it, I had planned not to do the tree this year. Till I came across the idea of a twig tree. After searching everywhere for a decent one at the shop, I thought bugger it I can make my own.

It was harder than I thought, trying to find a branch that was a decent shape. After traipsing round the bush with no luck I ended up stealing one from the neighbours dead tree *shh*

Gave it a bit of a paint, stuck it in a pot with some pebbles and there you have it.

I LOVE it, best xmas tree we\’ve ever had. Of course, it is covered in cupcakes 😛 I think I love even more that there are hardly any branches so the kids can\’t go jamming it full of ugly crap. And there is no hassle with storage. Toss it out and get a new one next year.

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