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Jim\’s Pancakes

Who doesn\’t love pancakes!? They have to be one of my fav treats. I don\’t remember

macbook chopping board

want! Macbok chopping board in the shape of a unibody macbook, made from apple wood…can a

Perfect pancake recipe

Mcdonald\’s hotcakes…Mmmmm pancakes *insert drooling* Ever wanted to recreate them at home? Well now you can!

Ninjabread men

I love Fred products, they are so much fun, and really appeal to my sense of

RSPCA Cupcake Day

Grab your mixing bowl, dust off your chef’s hat and get ready to bake up a

BYO reusable coffee cup

We wrote about the Keepcup reusable coffee cups last year  (I have actually  just ordered some

Flashing my boobs

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, who is SOOO old today. After my Craft Room cupcake

Ruddsicle anyone?

I am quite certain I could not bring myself to lick Krudd, no matter how good

Coffees a hoot

I just LOVE this super cute owl and birdie range from Target, the colours and design

Pancake Day

It\’s Pancake Day….Shrove Tuesday or something. All I know is, it\’s an excuse to eat Pancakes