Cupcake Sausage – Cupcakewurst

Posted by Leigh

Recently discovered the Cupcake Project. I love a bit of whacky baking, I have been known to make rainbow coloured mash, potato meat cupcakes etc.

But I think their latest creation takes the cake (so lame I know :p) I LOVE the idea.

Cupcake sausages, or cupcakewurst as they called it. Yes, that is really cake INSIDE a sausage case.

Noice, or not noice?

Check out how you can make your own, I know you want to!

  • Sparkles

    mmmm not so sure on this ‘cake’ it looks like a dark continental sausage…i think i would have to try it and see if i liked it, but i guess if it tastes like cake then it would be a winner.


  • Fiona

    I don’t know…. it just seems…. wrong…

  • Naomi

    Oh no. No no no. I could understand making sausage look like a cupcake but cupcake like a sausage? No :(

  • Robyn

    Weird concept I suppose the proof is in the eating.

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