Domestic Goddess I am not! I really am a terrible cook, most things are made with the help of a box, jar or packet.

Thinking of cupcakes, as you do. I thought Hmm, I wonder if I could make them with meat!

So I kept everyone in suspense, and set about to make my wonderful dinner. The man pet was scared, my funky experiments often don\’t end well.

They were super easy to make, just use your usual rissole mix with mince and what ever else you like to add. I got some silicon cups for a bargain today so used some of those as well as some foil ( I think these are probably best)


He was a little shocked to find these cupcakes dished up on his plate with his mash and veggies. He thought I had finally lost it.

Everyone loved them, and there was none left. Hope they don\’t expect them again..the novelty has worn off *hehe*

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