\"11122008698.jpg\"Cupcakes on Pitt, one of Sydney\’s best know cupcakeries has recently opened a new store in Parramatta.

The store is located inside Westfield Parramatta on Level 1 near IGA express (near the train station).

The new store is a tad bigger than the City store and looks fab.

I was hoping that things would be a little different to my first experience at Cupcakes on Pitt City store and all the reviews you read, but I was sadly disappointed.


The cupcakes look beautiful as always, so nicely decorated and presented. The packaging is fantastic. I love the boxes, the bags and the cute little cupcake holder.

But the cakes themselves are not what one would expect. A little dry and stale with little flavour. The icing doesn\’t have enough flavour or sweetness for me.

The lemon meringue would have to be the one I liked most (and as you can see, I bought 4 of them) They were a little different to the last batch I had, them lemon filling has changed, not as nice as it was. I also didn\’t mind the pumpkin, but think this may have been a seasonal flavour?

They have also recently relaunched a new snazzier website Cupcakes Online.

Perhaps they are just meant for a different kind of cupcake connoisseur? Surely there is someone out there who actually enjoys them? Maybe I have just gone on the wrong day? Would love to hear other peoples experiences.

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