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Love this time of year, some of my favourite shows are on. The Walking Dead, American Horror story. LOVE them and getting right into it. Everyone at work is watching, and we discuss the story line the next day You must watch if you haven\’t already. Have started watching 666 Park Avenue. It\’s not awesome, but still an enjoyable watch and I do like Rachael Taylor. Apparently its been cancelled. So I guess I\’ll stop watching that 🙁

I also like Revenge, we have only watched a few episodes of this season. So will probably do a catch up on those over the holidays.

Not sure what I am going to watch when all my favourites go on holidays over the Christmas break, we don\’t really watch any regular TV these days.


Birdy Skinny love, some skinny love, a bit of Taylor swift and then some more skinny love. OMG If I hear that song one.more.TIME, I will stab a bitch!

Ms9 has had singing lessons all year. We tried the team sport thing and she just isn\’t into it. So thought this would be great for her (and her singing was a little painful, so it was for selfish reasons as well) They had their end of year performance coming up and shed been chosen to do a solo of Skinny Love. Takes after her mother and she left it till last-minute to really practise. So we had her practising pretty much every waking moment. Skinny Love regular and acoustic were played on loop along with other songs they were performing constantly while she was doing homework, chores of just faffing about. I bet the cats and dogs could do a pretty good rendition of it too now.

It was her first time singing alone in front of people. I was so proud she did a fantastic job. I was a good parent (unlike others) and didn\’t take pics or video. So will have to wait for the DVD to come out.


I have a Hunger Games hangover. I\’d seen all the hype, but didn\’t really think it would be my thing. I had seen the movie and didn\’t mind it. I think it was after I saw Suger say she read it and loved it so much I thought I would give it a go. I ended up devouring all 3 books in about 4 days. They were SO good. Then spent the next week in that haze where you aren\’t sure what is reality and what is fiction. Now I\’m trouble finding the next something to read because I\’m scared nothing will be as good so I\’m not game to start anything.

Any suggestions appreciated?

I have also just started reading Tim Ferriss\’s new book The 4-Hour Chef. Not far enough in to have an opinion yet, but really like him and his earlier books. So we\’ll see.


Hmm, too much for a start. Always my problem I am a chronic over thinker to the point I think my head may explode.

Thinking about Christmas, how much I bloody hate it and all the commercial shit. I do really enjoy buying stuff for the kids though, and spoiling them just a little. But the over thinking perfectionist kicks in and I can\’t decide what to get, it has to be awesome and bestest and I just end up going round in circles and stressing and freaking out.

I have also been thinking lately, about thinking. Can you really change the way you think, your beliefs, your internal voice …do you think? Those things you have though and told yourself for so long they are deeply ingrained. Are you stuck with them, or is it really possible to change them.

Have always thought the think happy thoughts, be kind to yourself was a bit of wanky crap. Maybe this is where a lot of my problems lie?

My internal voice is a fucking bitch most of the time.  She certainly needs an attitude adjustment.


The thought that its only about a month until some time off. Haven\’t had any since Christmas time last year and I am REALLY looking forward to it.

Following Panda Paw Rescue on Facebook. I have posted a little about Amanda and some of her work before. This woman is truly a.mazing! She takes in special needs rescues that no one else will  touch, gets them the help that they need and rehomes them and she has just recently won her battle with cancer! London is just one of the many dogs she has helped.

Every day her posts make my heart swell. You must check her out. It\’s nice to get a reminder that there are some super beautiful amazing people out there doing good stuff.

Making me happy


I checked out for a while. The last 18mths have been tough. And I felt like I sat back a lot and just watched everyone else living life because it seemed easier. I have always been very shy and maybe a little anti social.  But I avoided going out, talking to people even more. I didn\’t feel like putting on the happy, everything is great front. Or feared that if I started talking, all the messed up weird shit that had taken over my brain would spew out.

But it didn\’t make it easier. Shit got pretty damn lonely. I missed some great friends and I missed some awesome opportunities. LIfe is too short to be worrying about what people think of you.

So making an effort to try and break out of the rut, online and IRL. Want to be my friend?

So, what have you been up to? How are you? Share your own currently post, or in the comments below.

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