I have loved City Chic for many years. Before there were so many great plus sized shopping options online, it was pretty much your only choice.  I can\’t say I am overly keen on their prices, though their sales are always awesome. But they do often have some good stuff.

Jeans are basically the only kind of pants I wear. To work, after work, weekends…always jeans. I do like the fit of the City Chic jeans, despite the price, compared to my other jeans.

I have these 3 jeans pictured below (well the one of the right is very similar to the ones that I have that are now no longer for sale) but you get the idea.

But I have a small gripe, my City Chic jeans are trying to turn me into a smurf.


So, I\’m not sure if I am alone in this? Bored, nervous and especially when I am cold. I rub my hands on my legs. It\’s not a lot, but obviously enough. Sometimes I might just rest one hand in between my knees or under a leg. This is something I have to try very hard to avoid when wearing my City Chic jeans.


This is what happens to my hands!

Excuse the terrible pic (ever tried taking a phone pic with no hands!) The one on the left is colour my hands go when wearing the darker pairs. The right is the regular pink colour, to prove I am not in fact an actual smurf. It happens with every pair to some extent.

I\’ve had issues with denim that has that terrible chemical smell. I will smell every pair of jeans before I buy them, yes..I am fun to shop with. Deciding on purchases by smell. But I thought these would be OK, as they don\’t have any smell.

They have been washed many many times, and still they do it. What am I doing wrong? My cheapy ones from Target never do this.

Has anyone else had this issue with City Chic Denim?

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