m&ms are awesome!! I am not a huge chocolate fan, but they are defiantly my chocolate of choice.  Just the regular ones though, don\’t mind the peanut ones…but crispy? Does anyone actually like them? Despite my love of these little these little guys, I have a serious beef with the wondrous makers of m&ms.


Why on earth do we not have Peanut butter m&Ms in Australia….for the love of ceiling cat WHY?!?!

I think we need to petition Mars to start selling these babies here. They are, in my opinion THE best m&m there is, and we are deprived..and it\’s just not fair dammit *stamps foot*. You\’d all buy them, right? Surely they would sell more than the stupid crispy ones?

Have you tried them, you agree with me right? If you haven\’t..you must, well, unless you have a peanut allergy, then it probably isn\’t a good idea.

Damn you greedy Americans *shakes fist* We do have one thing going for us though, you regular m&ms..and all your chocolate for that matter.. tastes like shit!

I hate how we are always missing out on all the good stuff here in Australia 🙁 Is there something you love that we can\’t get here?

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