Calling all our US buddies, we\’re wondering if you could help us out?

Here, in Australia declawing is illegal..thank god! It is a horrible, inhumane and brutal thing to do to animals for purely selfish reasons. There is no plausible reason you could have (apart from health reasons for the cat) to remove half an animals toe. If you are too lazy to keep a cats nails trimmed short, get a fish!

So the topic came up in conversation in the All for Women forums (it\’s in a private area, so can\’t show you) But basically one of our only American members was telling about her sister getting a new kitten for Christmas, and getting is declawed . Because \” it\’s normal here like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches\” for \”safety reasons\”. WTF?

It\’s been awhile since we have dealt with the general cat owners out there, just you super special cat bloggers. We know Americans still declaw, but we have some questions we\’d love to ask you guys….

  • How common is it really, Surely these days it isn\’t as common as PB+J sandwiches?
  • Are people becoming educated and more aware of the safe and human alternatives?
  • Are there laws or regulations against it in any states?

We would love to hear everyones opinions and stories on the subject!!

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