Now is the perfect time for you to be thinking about losing some excess kilos or getting fit to have you feeling and looking great for\"Free summer. Here are some great sites that can help with workout and exercise ideas, keeping track of your progress, helping you with your diet and keeping you motivated.

You don\’t need to join expensive weight loss programs and diets, you can do it all online yourself for free! There are so many scams out there on the net these days related to weigh loss, here are some great weight loss tools to try out.

CalorieKing is a great resource of tools and information for Australian\’s (there is also a US version.) They have an extensive food database with over 20,000 foods and cover favourite Australian brands and restaurant chains. The website also has a food and exercise diary so you can track your daily calorie intake, calories burnt and over all progress. They also have a great supportive online community to help you out and keep you motivated. Best of all, free to join.

Livestrong by Lance Armstrong,  is a total Health and fitness community that focuses on overall wellness, not just weight loss. Lots of expert content on exercise and diet as well as an interactive community.
There is also a fantastic iphone/ipod app, Calorie Tracker

Gyminee helps you track your weight loss, exercise and food. There is a great collection of exercise and nutritional information. You can join groups of like-minded exercisers, or get together with friends to participate in challenges and to serve as accountability partners and morale boosters.

traineo is a website for tracking your exercise and weight loss while helping give you motivation and support to reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

Gimme20 is another social network site that allows you to build your own custom work outs with instructions and pictures on how to perform each exercise. This site also has features to allow you to track your progress.

Take a look in intunes or google for workout/excerise podcasts. There are many free ones available that will keep you busy.

Fat secret
Fatsecret is a new site for people interested in diets to come and find out about and compare the different diets and see what works. With journals, tips, recipes and advice.
Do not let the name put you off. It is an amazing resource for anyone looking to get fit and maybe lose some weight. They have 1000\’s of articles on fitness, weight loss and training exercises. With information for beginners as well as the more advanced.

1000\’s of different exercises, covering all parts of the body, with specific work outs for women. Shows animations of how to do the exercises.

Calories per hour
Free Calorie Counter & Weight Loss Calculator: Calories, BMI, BMR, RMR etc.

Do you have any other weight loss tools or sites with great info you can share?

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