I have had fun sending messages to the neighbourhood via our wifi network name a few times before.


Recently, I felt a need for a change and I had no passive agressive messages to send out, so had to come up with something else.

So we became AFP Surveillance Van #2.

It has been up a good 6 weeks now, I had forgotten all about it. Until the other night we had a knock at the door.

There stood a lady with iPhone in hand open to the wifi settings page. She looked a little flustered.

\”Do you have wireless internet…have you had any trouble with people, like, hacking it\” she asks.

\”Umm, yes, we have wifi. But no, have had no issues with people accessing our network.\” I say.

\”Oh\” She looks even more confused and flustered.

\”I have been knocking on doors up and down the street trying to find out where this signal is coming from. No one else knows, and it seems to be strongest near your house.\”

She leans in and whispers, looking very serious now. \”I think someone is watching us…from near your house! Have you seen any suspicious looking vans in the street?

It wasn\’t until now that I twigged WTF she was on about. It was very hard for me not to laugh in her face at this point. But decided to play a long a little more.

She then shows me her phone \”I think I have picked up a surveillance signal in our street, my husband is worried someone is watching us. I don\’t know what AFP is, maybe is some private eye company?!\”

When I told her AFP stands for Australian Federal Police, I thought she was going to pass out. And I was having a lot of trouble holding in the giggles so thought I had better own up. I also didn\’t want to risk her coming back to do any further snooping looking for this \”surveillance signal\” near our house.

It took her a while to under stand what I was saying to her. \”That\’s just my wifi name, you can set it to what ever you want. It\’s a joke.\”

I am not too sure if she completely believed me. Perhaps the loud raucous laughing that came from our house as soon as she had left the door may have convinced her a little more.

So now I need to come up with the next name, and see who I can fool next!

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