This blog has had a few incarnations over the past 8yrs. When I started out, like many others in the early days, there weren\’t many Aussie bloggers. So I found a large group of cat bloggers in the US and called that great community home for many years.

Cats have been a big part of my life online and off. But my cat love affair started later in life. It wasn\’t until the Manpet and I move out together when I was 17 that we got our first cat. Before that my Dad HATED cats with a passion and I was never allowed to have one. To be honest they weren\’t even on my radar. Perhaps why I am making up for it now.

Online, I started out moderating cat chatrooms, then went on to help build the biggest Aussie cat website. I had a business building websites for cat breeders. I also tried the cat breeding and showing thing. At one stage, including a litter we had 10 cats! So, I think that makes me a fairly high-ranking crazy cat lady.


I just love how the Aussie blogosphere and the online space in general has evolved. Along with the explosion of social media, which I also love . I feel incredibly lucky that I got to follow my love of online, digital and social and it is now my 9-5 as well as my part-time/hobby job.

But for me, as stress release, I miss the care free days before media kits, stats and disclosure policies…I miss the cats man! And did you know that there have been scientific studies that prove looking at cute animal pictures will actually boost your productivity. True! So there are many benefits.

I was discussing a few weeks ago on twitter, where the hell are all the Aussie pet bloggers.  I only have 5 over on Blog Chicks. Zoe even went and setup a tumblr for her Flyod (I\’m a sucker for a Brit)

So, we\’re bringing back the pet bloggers! The internet needs more cats, and dogs..and chicken, birds…what ever the hell pets you have. Even if for one day a week. Despite the name, we don\’t discriminate, its OK if your pet doesn\’t have fur.

Every weekend I\’m going to host the Furrtastic Weekend Blog Linkup! Purely for selfish reasons. You are all going to post cute pictures and stories about your pets, past or present. Someone else\’s pet..I don\’t care. All for my entertainment and stress relief 😛 Thought I am sure you will love it just as much.

So put up your post over the weekend on Caturday or Sundog. Come and add your post to the linky below and add the blog hop code to your post. The linky will be open till Monday night. Easy!

(source scribbles on pictures)

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