Get Ready to Play-Cute NZ cat commercial

Posted by Leigh

Super cute new Purina ONE tv ad, shot in NZ by an award-winning kiwi film company, starring the cutest kiwi cats, plus a soundtrack by top muso Don McGlashan who resurrected an old French nursery rhyme specifically for this commercial.

I think my cats would pass out at the excitement of it all. And Alex may drop dead after eating it all…he’s not to bright poor boy.

  • Liz

    Love it. If that really happened, Train’d be hiding under the bed…

  • Caity O’Connor

    LOVES!! McGlashan is, my muso hubby informs me, ex- Muttonbirds – some real chops there!

    And now I am going to have to find out the name of the French nursery rhyme because it is EARWORMING me!

  • tracey

    the ad is real and the cats really do that stuff. How do i know? because my cat is in the commercial. He is the one with the ball of wool in the pool.

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