First we had vegemite 2.0 and comes Mum 2.0!

Telstra has released a new site, Mum 2.0 to give Mums a digital makeover and help bring them up to speed on using technology to stay connected with family.

New research reveals that 70 per cent of Australian mums currently use social networking websites to keep in touch with their family; however 81 per cent of these users admit to having fears and insecurities about using such services, according to Telstra’s State of the Nation Report. And it is not just mums in their 20’s and 30’s who are using social networking sites, 45-65 year old mums are adopting technology as a way to stay connected.

Despite Aussie mums’ desire to use social networking sites to stay connected with their family, their children don’t see these sites as a way of connecting with their parents. Children over 16 years old are most likely to decline friend requests from their parents to avoid the embarrassment of baby photos and grammar corrections ending up on their homepage.

Telstra State of the Nation report revealed nationally:

* 81 per cent of Aussie mums have fears and insecurities about their use of online social networking.
* 61 per cent of Aussie mums use Facebook regularly – 47 per cent of these mums use it daily and 14 per cent use it at least once a week
* 65 per cent of Aussie mums contact their immediate family via online social networking at least once a week.
* More than 47 per cent of mums aged 45-65 used social networking websites to view their children’s pages.

The digital makeover comes by way of a series of 6 clever tutorial videos. A must watch even if you aren\’t in need of a lesson. As well as a facebook page with more tips

The Telstra Mum 2.0 program is giving mums the right tools and advice to connect with their family and friends in today’s online world.

Mums can register for a \”Digital Makeover\” online so they can complete their training and become an accredited Mum 2.0, enabling them to feel more confident to more effectively communicate with their kids on social networking sites. Visit Telstra Mum 2.0 for more details.

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