\"\"Not too much to ask do you think? It\’s not even for me..I am happy to wait a few more years for a new horse.

The last few years just before Christmas the nagging has started. What kid wouldn\’t want a pony for Christmas?? Every kids needs a pony!

Saves the hassle of trying to work out what to buy them, or spend crap loads on shit they won\’t play with. The older they get the better the idea is, but he isn\’t buying it..yet. I think next year will be the year. And he knows if I was 100% serious..no is not an option 😛

I have had a few horses over the year, we have had some together and apart from our miniature pony trying to mount him every time he went into the backyard..he loved them too.

I was fine with it all till I came across this picture of Florence (she looks a lot like my last horse Red, but without the blaze) on cuteoverload, isn\’t she just beautiful. I then discovered there were more. I want a wig wearing pony and or horse! Why hasn\’t someone thought of this before? They already have kitty wigs.

These pictures are sofa king awesome!! They are from photographer Julian Wolkenstein check out his site, some amazing pictures there and he is Aussie based! I am so in love with these horse portraits. The lighting is just beautiful…and the hoses *sigh*

So that is top of the Christmas list for next year, I guess I shouldn\’t be too greedy and make him buy me a house and a wig wearin\’ pony 😛 I have been a good girl tho Santa..honest!



\"\"Speaking of wants, stopped by to comment over at rah\’s blog and spotted this banner she has made LOL..she\’s a bit keen you think? She was so close making it into the list, then she went and changed domains! So maybe you guys could stop by say Hi and give her a hand, maybe even subsribe if you like what you see 😛

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