Australia, WTF is wrong with us?

In the lead up to the 100th anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli, I continue to be shocked and disgusted at what ANZAC Day has become.

Over 20,000 Australians died on this day in the most harrowing of conditions. Over 100,000 Australians have lost their lives in various conflicts around the world. And how do we see fit to commemorate their sacrifices? With gold and silver foil t shirts that look like they are merchandise for a Disney movie and rosemary scent candles of course. Probably all of which are made in china. WTF?



Who on earth is buying this shit?!

The ABC are calling it Brandzac Day. Not sure why Woolworths and their fresh in our memories campaign are the only ones being slammed.

@absolute_leigh all @Targetaus profits from CG merch are donated to the CG foundation, we distribute all our surplus to the RSL and Legacy.

— Camp Gallipoli (@CampGallipoli) April 8, 2015

So apparently profits go to the Camp Gallipoli Foundation (who ever that is?), with surplus going to legacy and RSL. Surplus? I am sure there will be lots of that, after everyone in the supply chain has taken their cut.

I still don\’t see how this makes it OK. And SURELY they could have come up with designs and merchandise that were far less tacky and tasteless.

Legacy have released a statement on their association with Gamp Gallipoli..

CAMP GALLIPOLI Legacy Australia is proud to be associated with Camp Gallipoli. Legacy is a charitable organisation concerned for the care of dependents of those who served their country, namely veterans who have given their lives or health on operational service or subsequently, and Australian Defence Force members who died in service.

Australia lost nearly 60,000 service personnel in World War I and in all conflicts has lost around 100,000 personnel. Beyond that, there have been many more that have been badly injured and their families have needed our assistance during difficult times. Legacy was founded in 1923 and still cares for around 90,000 widows and dependents, ranging in age from 14-months to 109.

An initiative such as Camp Gallipoli reinforces the spirit of Legacy and the importance of the family unit. The dedicated Australians who serve their country deserve recognition of their sacrifice and the support of the rest of the community in caring for those that have been left behind or disadvantaged by the incapacity of our service men and women as a result of their service.

Camp Gallipoli is a family focused centenary celebration undertaken in a respectful, educational and entertaining fashion. This is in keeping with the Legacy ethos and we support this initiative as a worthy Centenary of Anzac project.

Does this statement cover foil tshirts?

I\’ll continue to donate directly to Legacy, thanks anyway Target.

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