I saw a write up in the local paper about a new cafe that had opened up that specialised in waffles, sounded delish!I loved the story behind how the husband and wife team started their business.

Today I took Mum to check out Jas my Waffles in Rooty Hill. I\’ll have to be honest and say I don\’t think I have actually had freshly made waffles that weren\’t from a packet or frozen.

We drooled over the mouth watering menu, having trouble deciding what to try. They have a great range of sweet and savoury waffles.

I went for fruits of the forest single serve, $6.95. 1/2 a waffle, mixed fruit, caramel sauce and one scoop of New Zealand Natural ice cream. Mum was game and went for the full serve, double the waffley goodness for $11.95. I also had to try a caramel churros, $2.50


NOM NOM NOM! It was awesome, the waffles was warm, crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Paired with a scoop of vanilla and the berries *sigh* yum!

\"hamWhile I was waiting for mum to try and find room for her ginormous helping. I was watching them make their waffles-to-go. Small waffles on a stick, a bit like a pluto pup..sweet or savoury.

I got myself a ham and cheese, $2.50. Just to see what it was like. It was a roll of thick ham stuffed with mozzerella cheese, cooked inside yummy waffle..on a stick.

*faint* Heaven on a stick, honestly..it was so good.

Service was great, as was the coffee.

I am looking forward to taking manpet and the kids there to try it out, tomorrow too soon?

Jas my Waffles

Shop 6, Rooty Hill Rd North, Rooty Hill

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