\"keepcup\"Stop and think for a moment, how many disposable coffee cups would you use in one week? Due to the way they are made, disposable coffee cups are not able to be recycled, and they can take up to 50yrs to biodegrade in landfill.

Australians discard into landfill 1.36 million disposable cups a day. This is a phenomenal amount, imagine this figure globally!

KeepCup is a fantastic Aussie invention helping to reduce the amount of disposal cups being tossed out everyday.

The KeepCup is a reusable coffee (or tea, juice or soup if your like) The cups are unbreakable, made from recyclable materials and are said to last about 4yrs. And most importantly, fit perfectly into your cars cup holder.

Imagine how many disposable cups just one of these would save.

There are 2 sizes in the store, Small 227ml/8oz- $7.80 and Medium 340ml/12oz- $8.20. There is also mention of a large 16oz cup (which would be much more my size!) and a 4oz Babycino size coming soon.

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