\"littlecupcakes\"I was in Melbourne for a short trip last week, and thought while I was there I would have to find a cupcake bakery to visit for a review, as we are running out of Sydney bakeries 😉

Little Cupcakes was closest to where I was staying, so it was the chosen one.

I found the super cute little store tucked away in a side street. The cupcakes look fabulous all neatly lined up in the display window. They have regular and mini sized cupcakes. Couldn\’t wait to try one, had been a few months since my last cupcake!

I bought the Strawberry, Red Velvet, White Choc + Raspberry and Vanilla. I should have known better than to wait… should have gotten a picture and had a little taste straight away but after a long tram trip in the warmish weather they didn\’t fair so well. Such a shame, they were beautifully packages in a little box and a cute little carry bag.

I wasn\’t about to let appearances put me off and despite looking like a jumbled mess, I could still taste each of the icing flavours and cakes. They were delish! Icing had wonderful flavours and wasn\’t too sweet. The cakes were lovely and fresh, not dry at all. The White Choc and Raspberry one was divine, with a lovely raspberry centre.

Little cupcakes, as must visit. But i\’d suggest stuffing them in your face asap 😉

Little Cupcakes
Shop 7 Degraves St and TG06 Goldsbrough Lane Melbourne.

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