We are big fans of Magnums here at That\’s Noice, remember the Magnum Gold?! Mmmm magnum.

Anyway, the Magnum folks are at it again, with the new Magnum Temptation Chocolate. If you are a chocolate fan, this is THE ultimate ice cream for you.

White chocolate and brownie pieces with swirls of chocolate sauce, in a creamy almost chocolate ice cream coated in a Belgian chocolate shell.



I am not a huge fan of that much chocolate, it was a bit too much for me. Manpet on the other hand said it was hands down THE BEST ice cream he has ever had.

Have you tried one? What did you think? For me, I think the Magnum Gold is still my fav.

Available now in supermarkets and convenience stores. $4.40 each or $7.79 for 3.

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