No, it\’s not really magic. But it\’s pretty close.

WiFi enabled cameras are nothing new. Most new digital cameras now come with the feature, but what if you have an older DSLR that you wish had wifi. Well, you can. All you need is a new memory card.


EyeFi have been around for years, I\’ve always wanted one but could never really justify the price. But now that I am using a MacBook Air as my main puter, the lack of card reader is really bloody annoying.

I wished I\’d  coughed up the dough years ago! I spent the weekend testing out my new Eyefi, and it is amazing. I don\’t know how I\’ve lived without it.

So quick and easy. Install the app on your devices. It\’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android. Take your pics, and it will automatically connect to your nearest device and upload the pictures. Fabulous for taking pics with your DSLR, within seconds you can be uploading them to facebook, instagram etc.

Slight downside is the battery usage does increase quite a lot. But I generally carry a few charged batteries, and the pros make this more than bearable for me.

EyeFi can be purchased at lots of different online and offline retailers. Just double check that your camera is compatible. There are other brands, but I\’m not sure how well their apps work in comparison.


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