Fresh, delicious pineapple…MMMmmmm makes your mouth water just thinking about it! None of that that crap from a can stuff. Up until only a few years ago I didn\’t realise there was THAT much of a difference in taste. If you have not tried fresh pineapple you are seriously missing out in life.

Pineapple is one of my fav fruits, love eating and drinking it. Hot or cold…I know there are a lot of people out there who can\’t stand the thought of pineapple on pizza etc, I can\’t think of anything better.

Food blogger I most certainly am not, but when the guys at King of Fruit Pineapples recently asked if I wanted to have a crack at cooking some stuff with their pineapples..I thought why not.

Anyway..on to my pineappley creations..something basic for those culinarily challenged folk like me.

First off was a super delicious fruit salad…can mess that up…and super yum!


Next was chicken and pineapple skewers on the BBQ, again, not rocket surgery but delish none the less.


And lastly, something a little more daring (but shhh I cheated and used crepes from a box) Ham, pineapple and cheese crepes. Think this was my fav, other than just nomming it fresh cut on it\’s own.


So what is your fav Pineapple recipe? You could win yourself some cool prizes by entering the King of Fruit recipe challenge, check out their site for details..and all the other entrants recipes.

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