Having 2 insideish dogs, we have been through our fair share of dog beds.

Most have been eaten, or peed on and ruined. I came across Molly Mutt beds about 12mths ago, and they are the perfect pet bed!


The best part of these beds is in the stuffing. Regular pet beds can be near impossible to wash. But the molly mutt bed is just stuffed with your old clothes and blankets, washing the insides is just as easy as washing the cover.


I wash mine at least once a week, and it still looks great. I have just bought a second cover, so we can rotate them so the robots last a bit longer ūüėČ To make it even easier to keep clean, they have recently released a water proof cover to go under the regular cover. Perfect if you have a peer like me.

Molly Mutt beds come in a range of funky fabrics as well as different shapes and sizes. So there is a perfect bed for all the furry family.

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