\"Sydney 1. iScream Nails 2. Local Professionail 3. MS Nail and Beauty 4. 1. iScream Nails

Here is a list of nail art salons in Sydney. Do you know of any others offering nail designs, let me know so I can add them to the list!

I tend not to partake in many female type rituals. Hair colour from a box, wear make up and dresses 3 times a year. But one thing I do love is a good shellac manicure. I am hopeless at painting my own nails, so more than happy to pay someone else to do it. I got bored with plain colours, so have been in search of some great nail art salons in Sydney.

My daughter and I visited iScream Nails when they first opened their new salon in Newtown. They have a great range of designs to pick from and can also do customs. The french bulldog I got was copied from a design on a shirt I was wearing. I really love the little eye details they added to the cat and dog. The staff and super friendly. So over all it was a great experience.

I know there is so much bad press about the cheap nail salons in the shopping centers that have sprung up everywhere. I\’ve visited a few that have been a bit average, but I love my local Professionail. I have been visiting for nearly 10yrs and never had any issues. They have recently started offering custom nail art, show them a picture and they will do a pretty good job of reproducing it. And it is uber cheap. WIN!

Visited MS Nail and Beauty last year.  The salon is nice and staff friendly. I\’d messaged ahead of time for a quote and to discuss exactly what I wanted. There was a bit of a miscommunication, I had to drastically change what I wanted and the price was very VERY expensive. The design was well done, but would definitely not recommend due to the price.

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I Scream NailsNewtown
Nail by La RougeParramatta
Cosmetic Cupcake NailsNewtown
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