\"cabinet\"5th-11th of October is National Identity Fraud Awareness Week,  a nationwide awareness campaign designed to help you protect yourself from identity fraud, one of Australia\’s fastest growing crimes.

The threat is growing with around 4.4 million Australians (26 per cent) having now been affected by identity theft, up from 3.8 million (23 per cent) for the same period last year.

Identity fraud occurs when thieves steal identifying details from victims by raiding their bins, by stealing their mail, through internet phishing scams or by convincing them to divulge personal details in person or over the phone.

The Facts

  • 75% of Australians throw out enough personal information, such as credit card statements, in their rubbish and recycling to put them at risk of identity fraud
  • 87% of Australians are concerned about identity theft
  • According to The Australian Federal Police (AFP), identity fraud costs the nation up to $4 billion a year
  • When it comes to concerns about identity fraud, women fear financial loss, poor credit rating, feeling personally violated and embarrassment far more than men
  • 81% of middle Australia (household income $40k – $69k) are most likely to put themselves at risk of identity theft by throwing out personal information such as utility bills and credit card statements
  • Personal information such as your date of birth, address, mother\’s maiden name and passwords are now as valuable as money. This is enough information for a fraudster to open bank accounts, apply for credit cards, loans and much more.

Visit Stop ID Theft for more information on ways you can reduce the risk of identity theft. You can take the online Identity Fraud – Are You At Risk? Test to assess how safe your identity really is.

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