Streets has released a new edition to their hugely popular Magnum ice cream range…the Magnum Gold?! (yes, the product name really has the ?! just in case Magnum and Gold where not enough to get you excited?!)

Rah and I were lucky enough to get a sneaky peak sample of them this week, before they go on sale.

O M G!!!

\"\"! They say it is their most indulgent ice creams ever. Magnum Gold?! marries creamy vanilla ice cream with swirls of delicious golden honeycomb sauce, dipped in a think Magnum gold coating.
Is your mouth watering yet?


I have to say, I was a little worried it maybe a bit TOO indulgent for me, maybe a little too rich. But it was srsly delish, just right. That golden coating is the best bit..NOM!

Be sure to check out the My Magnum site as well, where you can upload a pic of yourself and star in an action packed film clip along side Benicio Del Toro.

They will be available in stores mid-April in single serve (RRP$3.40AUD) and in a pack of 4 (RRRP$7.79AUD)

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