A few months ago Smith\’s started the Do us a flavour competition, to come up with a new iconic Australian chip flavour. After 1000\’s of entries, 4 flavours have been picked, put into limited production and are now on sale.

The flavours, Steve\’s buttered popcorn, Aline\’s caesar salad, Lucas\’ late night kebab and Vinnie\’s BBQ coat of arms. It\’s now up to Australia to vote for their favourite.

I know which one I will be voting for…none!

The buttered popcorn was OK, but didn\’t really taste like popcorn. I guess the fact that they are chips and not popcorn may have something to do with that.

The Caesar salad, kudos to them for managing to make a chip taste like lettuce. But just because you can..does not mean you should. Lettuce flavoured chips is just wrong!

The kebab wasn\’t too bad, a bit spicy and probably less bizarre tasting than the rest.

BBQ Coat of arms, now to me I thought it meant it was bbq roo and emu flavour..would you not think that? The smell was very strong, as was the taste and despite the site saying it wasn\’t actually roo or emu my tongue said it was and I couldn\’t go past a little lick.

The children polished the rest of the bags off, so they must have been edible at least.

Have you tried them, what did you think?

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