Ninjabread men

Posted by Leigh

I love Fred products, they are so much fun, and really appeal to my sense of humour.

Another new product from Fred, ninjabread men *giggle*

Shame it takes a few months for the products to turn up here in Australia, I wouldn’t mind some Nomskulls too.

  • Fiona

    ooh Maybe I shall get soem for when Rish gets his next blackbelt?

  • Riayn

    I definitely have to get these.

  • Maliss

    I already have some of the ABC Cookie cutters & the crime scene scarf; but I think I will just need to do a huge order from a Fred stockist soon… I prefer perpetrual kid.
    I want:
    The tank up mug for work.
    The chow & yum bots for my nephews.
    Beat it drum/chop sticks!

  • Rah

    We need to get a set of these for Kelley lol

  • Willy

    Where can we get them in Australia? One OS site wanted US$40 shipping!

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