\"nudebynature\"I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I have worn makeup this year. I am not a makeup girl, and I guess a lot of it comes down to having trouble finding the right product and colour for my skin, I have tried quite a few.

I went into Priceline the other night to check out what was on offer and got chatting to one of the girls. She suggested I try some Nude by Nature.

Nude by Nature is a 100% mineral make up that consists of just 4 ingredients. It evens out your complexion and conceals imperfections and blemishes. The mineral formula is kind to even sensitive skin and will not block pores. It is also water resistant and provides added UVA/UVB protection.  It is Australian made and owned and not tested on animals.

I have seen their ads on TV, and their site is a little spammy  looking (I am not even going to link to it) which does them no favours. Given the dodgy marketing I would never have given it a second thought before being given a demo.

It is meant to be used as a 3 part system, a bronzer, the main foundation and a finishing veil. At $40, I wasn\’t about to buy them all, it\’s a bit more than the crappy $15 stuff I usually buy (perhaps there in lies my problem) So I just bought the Mineral cover to give it a try.

I am totally in love! It is awesome. So easy to apply, even for a n00b like me. Covers your spots and uneven skin tone all with the swirl of a brush. Great for summer when you might get a little sweaty. Even the manpet commented, and it usually takes him 2 weeks to notice I\’ve had a haircut. I\’m not into a bronzer, but I will definitely be going back for the finishing veil which.

Available from Priceline and other cosmetic retailers for around $38 (definitely steer clear of buying from their TV ads or website, way too expensive)

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