Each year Australians produce 21 million tons of waste. It is estimated that most kids produce approx 30kg of waste each year from their school lunches alone. And with most of it being plastic of some sort that will take for ever to break down.

We could significantly reduce this waste by making lunch time nude…for the food that is! (tho we won\’t judge you if you want to eat your lunch nude 😉 )


This is the Nude Food Mover from smash. Designed to make it easy to have a nude lunch everyday. Super handy little compartments for you to pack all your little bits and pieces for a nutritious and environmentally friendly lunch.

There is also a range of funky neoprene skins to keep it all cool. You can purchase them from most major retailers in the lunchbox section, or you can purchase a box and skin set online and get 25% off when you use this code NFMP12509 from now until 1st February 2010. Also check out Lift the Lid for great ideas on what to pack in your lunch box.

Smash is also giving you the chance to win $1000 worth of sporting gear for you school and help raise money for The Smith Family.

Just go to Nude Food Movement and answer 5 very easy multiple choice questions. For every five questions you get right, Smash Enterprises will donate $1 to The Smith Family\’s Healthy Eating Programs and 5 points to your nominated school. The ten highest scoring schools in Australia will win.

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