So, I started the Michelle Bridges 12wbt 3 weeks ago.

Weight loss was my main aim, obviously. Having beaten any previous PB and recently reached my heaviest ever by 10kg :(.

While I have tried many times to lose weight, most of the time it was cutting back on a few things and going hard on the exercise. So I had never actually been on a diet. Mainly because I thought I just couldn\’t do it.

I was sceptical going into it. And spent the few weeks leading up to it starting in absolute panic, sure that I was going to fail. See, my main weakness..apart from my love of cake. I cannot cook for shit! At all! Everything comes from packet sauces and mixes and of course a lot of meat and 4 veg. I would never cook anything from scratch. We ate way too much take away and processed food, just because I wasn\’t organised and had no bloody clue what I was doing.

So it is all going well, just into the 4th week. Both Jake and I have lost a few kgs so far. But the most amazing change for us has been food.

zOMG I can cook, and we haven\’t died! 3 weeks in and every night I am still shocked that I have cook something from scratch that is edible.

Check out the lazy phone picture montage of the meals we have had over the last few weeks. Lots of stuff that we would never normally tried, like Penang chicken that I made last night. Think it has to be my fav so far.


And you know what? We haven\’t had take away in over 3 weeks. That is amazing. We have never gone longer than a week. I even found a recipe for my favourite take away, Pad see ew. So I\’m not even missing it.

So while I hope the weight loss will continue, for me the program has already been totally worth it for changing our dinner routine completely. The recipes have been great, and super easy to follow. And, we haven\’t had that dreaded question \”What\’s for dinner\”

(do I really have to add a disclaimer to say this is not sponsored, I\’m paying for it myself bla bla bla)

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