Puppy factories are the cruel hidden industry behind the pet shop window and glossy internet sites. The reality is mother dogs are kept\"\" con?ned and pregnant their entire lives to meet the unceasing demand of the pet industry. When their reproductive life is over, they are killed and replaced. These dogs spend their entire lives con?ned in dirt pens, in tin sheds or in raised wire cages with little or no veterinary care, they are simply treated as breeding machines. Their life when they hit the petshop isn\’t much better.

Please help spread the word and boycott this brutal business. Don’t be an unsuspecting link in the supply chain of cruelty.

The lead-up to Christmas is a critical time for puppy farmers who rely on impulse purchasing at pet shops in order to profit. We can stop the puppy trade by not buying puppies from pet shops and showing others why they should do the same.

Oscar’s Law aims to change the way our pets are kept, bred and sold.

  • Abolish the factory farming of all companion animals.
  • Ban the sale of factory farmed companion animals from pet shops and online trading sites.
  • Promote adoption through rescue groups/pounds/shelters.

Watch and share this video to help educate others why we should not be buying any animals from pet shops.

What can you do to help?

  • Don\’t buy anything from businesses that exploit these poor animals, especially puppies and kittens.
  • Help educate family and friends why is it is not OK for puppies and kittens to be sold in pet shops.
  • Sign the online petition
  • Join Oscar\’s Law on Facebook and become proactive!
  • Email the Premier, the Leader of the Opposition and Minister of Agriculture in your State, you can also email Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. The website makes it easy, they have the letter for you,  just add your details and hit send!
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