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Posted by Leigh

64:365Made popular by Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the City all those years ago, everyone wanted one. There were even some who wore Carrie ones instead of their own names…weird much?

I priced these in a Jewellers recently to get for my girls for their Birthdays, they wanted $150 for a short name in Silver, and then the chain was extra! Woah!

Etsy to the rescue. I found Beautyname.

Handmade personalised nameplate necklaces in sterling silver and 14K gold. Any name you like, and they have a few different font types to choose from.

I ordered mine last Monday, and they arrived here the following Tuesday…from Israeal! They look fantastic, the girls will love them.

Prices start at $25US for the silver and $110US for the gold, this includes the chain and postage was only $4US. Bargain!


  • Heather Snyder Halperin

    The girls will love them…..I know I would.

  • kell

    they look great

  • Tina

    I have one that was bought for me way back when I was 15 by my then boyfriend I love it & still wear it from time to time!

    Tina’s last blog post..Stab’Ems

  • Ness

    They look great, a good birthday pressie for a 15 year old????

  • rah

    i think i need to get one… mum never let me get one cause she thought that strangers would read the necklace, call my name and kidnap me. what?

  • Auntie Red. granddaughter is a little young but I would like to get her one and put it away.

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