\"dontBlogging is so handy for not having to repeat a story a cajillion times for everyone that asks 😛 (thank you to everyone that has asked how she went 🙂 )
Yesterday Katelyn had an appointment at Westmead to have some dental surgery.

I was very nervous about the fasting, this kid is food obsessed like you would not believe. I was expecting lots of tears all day when she could not eat more than a light breakfast and nothing else after 6:30am. Not once did she mention that she was hungry!

She wasn\’t nervous at all, was actually excited. I don\’t think she really understood what was going to happen. Must be nice to not terrified of going to the dentist like the rest of us.

I was expecting a huge wait when we got there, but it wasn\’t too bad. There were 4 other kids that were being done on the afternoon list. We checked in last, so I thought we would be there for hours.

Waited about an hour and a half to be admitted. We got dressed in our super attractive gowns and taken through to a bed. 3 of the other kids were waiting to go in, the anaesthetist was trying to get them to take a pre med but none were keen. She was getting a bit annoyed by having to wait. I said Katelyn loves drugs, she would be happy to take it LOL She downed the the orange kids panadol and we were off…the other mothers were not so pleased by our queue jumping *hehe*\"Katie\"

It was all over in about 45mins. They give you a pager like that use to let you know your meals ready to tell you know when they are done LOL.

She flipped out when she woke up in recovery and cried intermittently for 30mins. OMG I thought she would never shut up. I run out of caring mother patients after about 3mins of non stop crying. They wanted her to take some more pandol but she was now refusing..the more they offered the more she screamed. I tried bribing her with the ipod..but she screamed. Wishing at this point I had sent Daddy to do this job instead. She listened to some Miley Cyrus for a bit and she calmed down a little.

When they came and said she could get dressed and come and eat some jelly the eyes lit up and that was it. She inhaled the jelly, and took the pandol and hasn\’t cried since. Perhaps she was only screaming cause she was starving *hehe*

She pigged out on dinner last night, eating a bunch of cold meat and pasta. She has sat an eaten a litre of Jelly this morning and hasn\’t stopped bloody talking all day. Think she will be find to go to school tomorrow 😉

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