I have never really been a breakfast person. I don\’t like cereal. Well, I don\’t mind porridge, but only in winter. Toast isn\’t too bad. But mornings are so crazy, I just don\’t have the time.

I am also a little fussy, well..a lot fussy. And there isn\’t too much that I actually do like.

Working for a supplement company and having a husband that is a gym junkie means we don\’t have a shortage of protein at home (we have 2 selves in the pantry dedicated to his supplements o.O). I\’ve tried a LOT of different ones. But my favourite protein at the moment is International Protein Trainers choice in white chocolate. Flavour is great, and it is a good constancy.


Secret tip. Don\’t get sucked into buying all those pretty little tubs of pink protein for women. It is all a marketing gimmick. When it comes to regular protein there is no such thing as protein for men and protein for women. Protein is protein. You will pay a fortune just for the colour and pretty packaging. You are best of just getting a good general protein powder. There are also fat loss proteins, which have added ingredients to help you lose weight which are great.

Why do I need protein you ask? I don\’t want to be a bodybuilder. You aren\’t going to turn into the hulk, I promise! Everyone needs protein, not just athletes. And many of us are not getting the daily recommended amount of protein for women is 0.75 g per kg of body weight.

Just a few of the benefits are…

  • Feel fuller for longer. I have my morning shake and it keeps me full and not reaching for the snacks all the way till lunch. They can also make a great snack in the afternoon to get you through till dinner.
  • Protein shakes made with water are generally low in calories. So you\’re getting a filling meal for around 150 calories. Even with milk you\’re still better off than if you\’d reached for the sugary cereal or a muffin.
  • Protein is great for your skin, hair, nails etc.  They will all grow faster, stronger and look healthier.
  • Working out? Hate the muscle soreness you get for a day or 2 after? Protein is great for helping reduce soreness and repair muscles faster.
You can have your protein as is, they come in a huge range of yummy flavours. Another of my favourites is Cookies n cream, it feels like you are having a treat. Or you can add some yoghurt or fruit.

Creative Gourmet smoothie cubes are awesome! I had tried just frozen berries. But I cannot stand the seeds and \’bits\’. It\’s a texture thing, just can\’t do it and would spend 10mins straining the damn shake to get them out. Not great when you are in a hurry. Their berry and strawberry ones do still have a few bits in them. The tropical one has passionfruit seeds. So if you are like me, stick with the mango and banana..not bits!

My super easy no fuss breakfast protein shake is…

  • Handful of ice cubes
  • Approx 300mls skim milk (You can use water, I am not keen on making with water 😉 )
  • 2-3 smoothie cubes
  • 1/2 – 1 serve of your favourite protein powder

That\’s it. Just blitz it up with your hand blender and you are done. I use a travel tumbler with a straw. Super easy to drink on your drive to work.

I haven\’t been game to try all the fancy protein shake recipes around and there are a lot! But if you are looking to snaz up your smoothies some great places to find Protein shake recipes and ideas..

Do you protein shake? What is your favourite?

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