\"saralee\"If you\’re on a diet, or pretending to be… best you not read any further.

Sara Lee\’s new Minis – baked cheesecake bites. Itty bitty bits of cheesecake, so you can have a little taste and not feel guilty by having a whole piece. The idea sounds good…in theory.

Spotted an ad for these a last week and have been having an inner-discussion with myself every time I go to the shop, \”yes, you should buy them\”…\”no you don\’t really need them\”. Finally, \”I could try them and blog about them!\” and the fact they were on special at Woollies today won.

Grabbed some strawberry and chocolate ones. There is also classic and caramel. They come packaged in two little tubs of 18 pieces, is this a serving size suggestion? They are made to be eaten straight from the freezer?

Let\’s just say, they are bloody yum, and good luck stopping at one…or three.

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