I spotted this pictures on Pink\’s instagram a few weeks ago and thought ohh thats pretty cool. I want to give it a try!

Having girls can be useful sometimes, giving me an excuse and someone to play around with nails and hair stuff.

So I looked around for where I could buy…what ever these things were called. Which I discovered are caviar or micro beads. Found a few shops, but the sets they had were a little too expensive. So I turned to good ol\’ eBay.

Managed to get this set of 4 colours posted from the US for $14…bargain.

For the polish I used Essie \”No More Film\” (purple) and Essie \”Jamaica Me Crazy\” (pink) which I already had but were a perfect match for the pink and purple beads.

So first up you apply your regular base coat, and then a coat of the colour and let it dry.

Paint the next coat on a little thicker. It\’s easier to do one nail at a time and you\’ll want to pour the beads on straight away, over a bowl to catch them would be a good idea. These little suckers will go EVERYWHERE.

Once you have poured them on and coated the nail pretty well, just gently tap down the beads to fill in any holes and clean up the edges.

Thats it!

I was surprised how well they have stuck. I\’d planned to put a coat of clear on, but I think that would spoilt the effect and you probably don\’t need it. Maybe just some on the ends to stop them coming off. Getting them off maybe interesting.

I don\’t expect them to last too long. But I was quite happy with how they turned out, something different. Next time, i\’d probably just do one accent nail.


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