This week I had the pleasure of seeing the Disney and Cameron Mackintosh musical Mary Poppins at the Capitol Theatre.

I\’ve never been to a musical before but, I like it would be sort of the same thing, right?

The day didn\’t start too well, I was left limping around on a broken shoe, scored my first ever fine and came the closest ever in my adult life to actually peeing my pants.

But after a feast of yummy dumplings in Chinatown, we settled in with our Mary Poppins sippy cups and old english lemonade to watch the show.

I\’ll admit, it did take a bit of getting used to. The singing and such (turns out it isn\’t much like Glee at all) but it wasn\’t long in, and I was just enthralled by it all.

The dancing, singing….the sets!

The sets were unbelievable. At times I found myself, for a moment, forgetting about the cast on stage and just mesmerised by the sets, trying to work out, how on earth did they do that?

The Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious act was definitely the stand out of the show for me, the choreography was truly amazing. There were some other breath taking moments, but I won\’t spoil will have to go along and see it for yourself. Definitely a a MUST see show!

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Was also a great chance to catch up with some of my  oldestfavourite and bestest bloggy buddies!


Playing at the Capitol Theatre, tickets are available for shows until September from Ticketmaster.

Disclaimer: Rah and I visited Mary Poppins as guests of Disney. A big thank you Julie and Disney for a wonderful evening.

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