I LOVE junkmail. I used to hang out for catalogue days. A little less so these days, I much prefer digital junkmail so much easier. I subscribe to some feeds so I can get them all in one place.

Scrolling through this morning while eating breakfast I came to the Target catalogues, and had to have a double take.

Can you spot the difference. The regular target catalogue is the one on the left, Target Country on the right.

WTF Target?!

\"\"I can\’t  work out what to make of that?

Are they saying country folk are fatter than their city cousins?

Or more accepting of seeing a fuller figured model in their junk mail?

All the ladies are looking pretty haut in their undies to me.  I just can\’t understand why there would need to be a difference. Everything else on the cover is the same.

What do you think? Would love to know the reasoning behind it.

UPDATE: I posted on Target\’s Facebook, as I was genuinely curious as to the reasoning behind it. I thank them for taking the time to post a reply.

Hi Everyone, at Target we celebrate women of all shapes and sizes with stylish, quality and value for money Intimate Apparel! We would LOVE to show our full range in all catalogues, but due to space restrictions this isn’t always possible. So to ensure we showcase a broad range to all our customers, we will often advertise different product’s in our Target and Target Country catalogues. This gorgeous fuller figure bra and brief set is available at both Target and Target Country stores in a variety of sizes as we don’t want any woman to miss out!\”

I can\’t say I have noticed other catalogues. Perhaps this was a one off? Maybe they do mix it up and have the different models in the different catalogues. It still does seem a little strange to me, when you see them together like that. I just hope there was no hidden a gender to it, but I suppose they wouldn\’t tell us that..would they 😉

At the end of the day, I guess it is great to see a sexy fuller figure gal on the cover. Lets hope we see much more of it to come!

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