We can\’t have plants at home. 3 cats+plants=green vomit.

Have always liked the idea of terrariums, especially the cute ones with moss, and little people etc.  All the cool ones are in America though, and can\’t be posted *sad face*

But came across these Aussies on etsy, and had to have one fore my desk at work. The plants are air plants, or tillandsia.  According to the instructions, they are pretty easy to care for. So fingers crossed I don\’t kill it.

Looking at their past sales they have done moss ones in the past, I would LOVE to see some of those again.

Mine is the red on the right, I haven\’t killed it yet *touch wood* I think I might need a few more.


Terrarium are $28AUD plus $8 shipping. They come beautifully packaged, so would make a great gift. Postage was also super fast.

Love them! Check out the Terradctl Etsy store and blog

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