I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Cupcake Bakery\’s new store in The QVB.

The store itself is super cute, I love the decor. They have a great menu that clearly shows you the different cupcake flavours and which is what to make that hard choice a little easier.

The cupcakes look great. A full sized cupcake with lots of icing. The price wasn\’t too bad, $3.50 for the basic cakes.

They smelt divine! I wasn\’t allowed to eat any till we got home..so had to smell them the whole trip, it was torture I tell you!

Of course I had to taste a little bit of everyone\’s. They were all amazing! Best cupcakes I have EVER had. The cakes were fresh and delicious..the icing was amazing, nice and sweet.


Highly recommend a visit, I will have to try out their other locations in the near future.

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