\"\" I suck at cooking, I\’m sure I may have mentioned that once or twice. It isn\’t often I get the urge to bake. It\’s just too much bloody effort, who can be bothered. And cake is my weakness, if it is there..I HAVE to eat it.

I spotted this new frosting at the shop last week, and while I could have just bought it and eaten it from the tub. Cream cheese is my all time fav frosting. Red Velvet cake gives me horrid heart burn, but it is still my favourite because of the frosting.

Thought I had better make a cake to put under. We hadn\’t had cake or yummies in 6 weeks and carrot cake has vegetables in it, it\’s practically a salad!

I was going to go the lazy route, and make one from a box. Because lets face it, I wasn\’t overly interested in eating the cake..they are just a frosting holder. But thought I would give Spicy Ice cream\’s recipe another shot.

But I had already bought the carrot cake box, so manpet proposed a carrot cake bake-off, with the children to decide the winner.

He made his first. I should have taken a picture of it. Ugliest looking cake ever, with cracks and creases all over it. Was a little burnt on top as well.

Next was my turn. Had a bit of a false start with the kids reading the recipe out to me wrong (they could have been paid to throw the competition I think) mine was done. I shouldn\’t have gotten so cocky picking on his burnt cake, mine got a little umm…dark on top too.

Next came the icing. He made his from the packet mix, and it too looked a little wrong.  I just used the philly spread straight from the tub.

So, what was the verdict? Pfft, there was no contest. Mine was awesome! And the cake wasn\’t too bad either 😛

My cake was cooked all the way through for a start. Oh well, he tried. It wasn\’t his best effort, he has made lots of yummy cakes before. I guess you shouldn\’t try to make cake in between tries of the NRL grand final.


(Nooo, this wasn\’t sponsored. I just love icing.)

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