Crappy weekend was crappy ūüôĀ Have been stuck in bed sick for the last 3 days. And to top it off, had a second tyre blow out, so was left with no choice but to get new tyres…$700 later.

Such a stark contrast on last weekend.

Along with half of the internet it seemed, I traveled to Melbourne last Friday for the inaugural Nuffnang Blogopolis.

After a super early 7am flight. I arrived in Melbourne with plans of a few hours shopping waiting for my roomies Rah and Liz to arrive.

Of course one of the first things I did when I booked to go was search for the nearest cupcake shops. One that was just 5mins from our hotel was The Cupcake Family. We tried some macaroons ¬†Friday with plans to come back to try more..but¬†unfortunately¬†we didn\’t get there. The macaroons where pretty damn good!


Friday night saw the HelloEvents pre drinks. I never do Outfit of the day pics, but was playing my flash..and this is the only picture we have of our wonderful hotel room, what slack bloggers are we! I had planned on tacking a pic of the room Liz and I were sharing. Liz with her stuff all neatly in her bag, me with shiz strewn all over the place..bed all messy..just use your imagination.


This is the second time I have stayed in a Mantra and both times the service has rooms have been great. We were super close to everything and the room was awesome, and super cheap.

Weekends away are not¬†complete¬†without lots of noms. Foodies we are not. Simple girls, easily please. Firstly, we all sampled Grill\’d for the first time. A little on the $$ but hands down, best burgers I\’ve had. So much so we actually had it twice. We also came across this fab little dumpling take away, never seen coloured dumplings before.


Then, I think there was some kind of conference in between the festivities, on Saturday. You can read a better wrap of that¬†here. I will admit to coming into it with low expectation, and I was pleasantly surprised. Certainly took a lot more away from this one, than the mummy bloggers conference that wasn\’t but was in March.

The highlight for me was seeing¬†Problogger in the flesh. Someone I have been following for many years. I\’ve seen many pictures and videos of him but to see him in 3D and to hear him talk was very surreal. I would love to make it¬†to his workshop in Melb in October, but not liking my chances on that ūüėČ

This is my shirt that I had made to wear for the day. Just to push my WordPress cult a little more. Little did I know the speakers on the day would do a pretty good job pushing the mighty WordPress and then some, so I got a few interesting comments.


After the conference we made our way to the venue for the after party. It was a bit of an effort to find it. Despite all the directions on Twitter, we all go lost.¬†Wandering¬†the Docklands of¬†Melbourne, coming across other lost bloggers in dark alley ways till we\’d amassed a crowd of lost bloggers. No amount of GPS devices or actual¬†Melbourne¬†residents could help us, and we were close to giving up, when we FINALLY found the venue.

Was¬†totes worth the effort, this place was¬†absolutely¬†beautiful, and the party that Here is a selection of pics that were safe for internet viewing ūüėČ (There should be a slide show¬†viewer, or you can view them on Flickr)

My fav tho I think would have to be Suger Coat It planking. And we weren\’t even drunk yet! It just got crazier and messier after that!


It was a shame there was not more time to mingle and network during the day. I seemed to luck out with table selection, as no one at my table was really interested in networking, which was one of my main reasons for attending. So the after party was perfect to chat with old and new bloggy friends.

Sunday saw some much needed hangover food. We visited the Pancake Parlour, home of my favourite pancake packet mix. And guess what, they taste exactly the same! For $7 you can get a bag of Pancake Parlour mix at Woolies, a little expensive but they taste just as good as from scratch and so much easier!

The rest of the day was spent visiting some Melbourne craft markets, and more shopping before a super late flight home. Thankfully I asked for the Monday off as well, as I needed it to recover.

So guys, when and where are we doing this again?!?! And remember, the internet is for ever, so don\’t do crazy shit around bloggers with cameras!

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